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A New Look for Staff Squared

Staff Squared date icon5th September 2013

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(Posted by our founder Simon Swords)

It’s always a struggle to get the design of an application just right first time round, and ever since we launched Staff Squared there have been a number of layout problems that I’ve felt we hadn’t got quite right.  We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to address those issues, and more importantly to set a design foundation in place for some amazing new features, and partner integrations.

Why should I care?

We know that people don’t care about our product. People care about what our product can do for them. These enhancements are made with this in mind.

In the short term Staff Squared just got a whole heap easier to use. With each new update we’re making Staff Squared more beautiful, not just on the surface, but also fundamentally so that it makes a difference to the way you manage and engage with your staff. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

Separately, we’re working on a couple of new features we’re keeping hush about that will transform the way you reward and manage your staff. The layout changes we have just launched are the first step in our launching these new features.

Let me know what you think

As the founder of Staff Squared one of my jobs is to make the final call on some of the changes that we’ve made, so if you want to send feedback on any of the changes please email me on wecare@staffsquared.com (I pick up these e-mail direct).

So what are the changes already?

Without further ado, here are the summary of the layout changes we’ve made…

The left hand menu

The old menu was not very intuitive. In particular the Staff and Company menu links looked like headers, and so people could be forgiven for not spotting straight away that they’re clickable. The menu item you had selected wasn’t highlighted clearly enough. Overall, the design of the menu didn’t lend itself to us exposing all of the great functionality Staff Squared has to offer.

So we’ve made the following changes to improve the menu:

  • There’s now a clear separation between your profile, your staff information, and company information (MY PROFILE, MY STAFF, and COMPANY headings)
  • You can now collapse menu headings by clicking on them
  • All of our reports are now accessible straight from the menu (we’re working on adding about another 10 reports as I write this blog post)
  • We know you take privacy seriously, and so we have added padlock icons to the menu items that are strictly for admin eyes only

1 - lhs menu

Overall layout and upgraded statistics

The interface is now split out more, making it much easier to scan and digest. You’ll notice that we’ve separated out the stats on the right hand side of the dashboard in to small blocks or modules. We’ve also updated the dashboard statistics to make them more relevant to you according to your permission level. By default admins are presented with company level statistics on their dashboard, managers see just their staff stats, and staff see just their own data.

2 - modules

Chunkier headings and more graphics

We’ve added more graphics around the app as these are much better at providing information quickly and simply.  You will also notice that tables have had a design refresh too.

What should I do now?

Try it out. For free.  If you have any feedback, ideas or criticisms we’re all ears! Just drop us a line to wecare@staffsquared.com

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