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A Mobile HR App and an API – What a Month!

Staff Squared date icon15th April 2015

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Let’s start with the mobile app…

We’re very pleased to announce that the Staff Squared mobile app is finally here! It’s only available on Android at the moment, but it will be coming to Apple devices very soon.

You can download it from the play store here:

Google play store

Update: It’s now available on Apple devices too! You can download it here:



Here’s a list of what you can do in the app:

  • See who’s not going to be in today
  • View upcoming holidays
  • Accept and reject holiday requests
  • View staff profiles
  • Call or email staff from within the app


This is the first version of our mobile app. We’ve kept it quite simple, focusing mainly on the stuff you’d want while you’re out and about, but we will be adding plenty of other features in the future. We’ll keep you posted!

We now have an API too…

Our new mobile app uses our new API. If you want to integrate staff squared with a 3rd party system, or even make your own app, you can now do so using the API.
You can find all information and documentation for the API here.

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