Product Update: February ’16

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We’ve recently released a nice little bundle of updates, including a brand new feature called the HR audit. Let’s take a look!

NEW! View changes made to personal details

As you know, your staff can update their personal details on their profile, as can their managers and as can you as an admin. With multiple people able to edit the same information it can get a bit tricky to keep track of who changed what and when – so we’ve added a new feature called the HR audit.

Going forward you’ll be able to look at the HR audit to see a log of any changes made to the Personal tab of a staff member’s profile. You’ll be able to see what was changed, when it changed and who changed it.

To view this new feature, click the HR audit tab on a profile. The HR audit has replaced the notes tab, but don’t worry, you can now add and view your notes via the HR audit tab.

Only admins and managers have access to the HR audit tab and permissions are respected,  so if a manager doesn’t have permission to view bank details then they won’t see any changes made to bank details.


Receive email notifications about changes made to personal details

As part of the new HR audit feature mentioned above, we’ve added the ability to set up email notifications so you’ll always be aware of changes to personal information.

To set up these notifications go to the Staff admin tab on your Company settings page and click on the cog next to a member of staff, then select Manage HR audit notifications… 

From here you can select who you would like to receive email notifications when this member of staff’s personal information changes. These notifications will be sent out in batches twice per day, once at 11.30 and once at 16.30.


Filter and search through your wall and HR audit

On the HR audit and Wall profile tabs you can now search through entries and add date filters so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


Allow your staff to upload public files

Previously members of staff could only view or download public files. We’ve added an option on the Permissions tab of your Company settings page that when selected will allow your staff to upload files too. They’ll also be able to delete files, but only the ones they’ve added themselves.

All files your staff upload will appear on the public files page, they still aren’t able to upload files to profiles.


Print out your org chart!

In the last product update we mentioned that we were working on making your org chart printable. Well, that day has arrived! If you go to your Org chart you’ll see a little printer icon in the top right corner, click on that, hit print and away you go. Here’s one we printed earlier…


We’re here to help!

Got any questions about this or any other Staff Squared features? Just drop a line and we’ll get straight back to you.

As always if you have any feedback please head over to our forums. Most of our releases include improvements that have been suggested by our lovely customers. We seriously consider every idea you put forward, so don’t be shy! Tell us how we can make Staff Squared work better for you.

All the best,

The Staff Squared Team

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