Product Update: January ’16

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We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year! For the last couple of weeks we’ve been making a whole heap of improvements to the absence management areas of Staff Squared. Here’s a little look at what’s changed…

Add notes to ongoing sickness

On your sickness pop up you now have a “View details” link. If you click that link you’ll be taken to a new page where you can view and add updates about the sickness. This includes pending, confirmed and ongoing sicknesses.

Sickness form

Get notified when a benefit is about to expire

The reminders tab on your company settings page now includes the option to set up multiple reminders for benefits expiring. Decide how far in advanced you want to be warned and when the time comes you will receive a dashboard notification and an email reminder.

Benefit expiry notification

Turn off absence notifications for managers

Managers can now turn off absence notifications in the same way that admins can. To do so, go to the settings tab on your profile and select nobody.

Notification settings

See pending holiday in your profile sidebar

This allows you to see how much of your holiday you’ve requested that is still awaiting approval. Pending holidays are not deducted from your remaining holiday allowance until they are approved.

Holiday stats

All staff can now see working patterns

You have an option on the permissions tab of your company settings page to let your staff see each other’s current working pattern. (This option is off by default.)

Working pattern settings

The manager field has moved to the job tab on your profile

The manager drop down list used to be located on the personal tab of your profile, but you can now find it on the job tab.

Job details

Better handling of absence conflicts in the calendar

When creating an event you’ll be alerted to any conflicting absences, this however, does not stop you from booking the event as was previously the case.

Event booking

Set limits for custom absence types

For each of your custom absence types you can set how many instances of that type you allow per employee per holiday year and how many consecutive days you allow for absences of that type. If you try to book an absence that will go over either of these limits you’ll receive a warning. If the absence is still booked and approved despite the warning, admins and managers will then receive an email notification.

You can set up your custom absence limits from the calendar tab of your company settings page.

Customer absence limits

Define group specific absence rules

You’re now able to set an absence limit per staff group which states how many people within that group are allowed to be off at any one time. You can also create custom limit groups to group together specific staff. For each custom limit group only one member of the group is allowed off at a time.

You can set up your absence rules from the holidays tab on your company settings page.

Absence limit settings

We’re here to help!

As always, if you have any questions about any of the new changes, please get in touch! You can email our fantastic support team at:

All the best,

The Staff Squared Team

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