Product Update: October ’14

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Hey Staff Squared fans!  We’re ramping up development on Staff Squared in the coming months with a specific focus on the features you’ve requested the most on our user forums. So you can expect to see vanity URLs, Google apps integration and much more added soon. We’re also doubling down on all of our existing functionality to make sure it’s the absolute best it can be, so you can expect many more updates about the features you already know and love and how they’re being improved.

In the meantime we’ve been adding a bit of polish to Staff Squared’s reminders and notifications. We’ve also created some useful document templates, more on those at the end of this blog post…

New updated holiday/sick notification e-mails so you can make time off decision requests straight from your inbox

Our new holiday request emails include:

  • How much time off the requester will have remaining if you approve it
  • Who else is also off
  • Warnings around any holiday rules this request has broken

This allows you to make a decision about whether to approve the request without logging in to Staff Squared.

Approve holidays from email

Approve holidays from email

We’ve also improved sick notification e-mails, and they now include additional information about how much sick time off the person reporting in as sick has had so you can take action if necessary.

New reminders for probation period ending and probation letter templates

With all the other plates you’re spinning it’s easy to forget that a member of staff’s probation period is ending.  The problem here is that if you don’t notify your staff to advise them that you wish to extend their probation period it automatically expires. This is especially important if you are having any management issues with a new hire. To avoid this problem we have implemented dashboard and e-mail notification reminders so you’re never at risk of missing a probation end.

You can decide how far ahead of a probation end you wish to be notified, including disabling the reminders altogether if you wish.  We’ve also provided end of probation letter templates that you can download and customise:

Probation letter templates

New work anniversary reminders

It’s always useful to understand how long somebody has worked for your company, especially if you provide incentives for long term employment such as additional holiday or bonuses.

Work anniversaries now appear in the calendar:

Work anniversaries in the Staff Squared calendar

Work anniversaries in the Staff Squared calendar


We’ve implemented a work anniversary reminder which will automatically remind admins and line managers when a staff member has worked for one year and then every year after that. If these aren’t relevant to your company, no problem, just disable them in your company settings.

Share files uploaded to the Files tab on profiles with your staff

Until now only administrators could see files uploaded to the Files tab on an employee profile.  You can now choose to share individual files with the staff member the file is uploaded to. Simply tick the option to share the file with your employee and they will be able to see it on their profile in the Files tab:

Share files with your employees

Share files with your employees

Handy maternity date calculator

Planning for maternity leave is a bit of a minefield and there are some key milestones you and your staff need to be aware of regarding maternity leave.  To help you to understand them and plan ahead we’ve created a maternity leave calculator…just enter the due date for the baby and we’ll tell you what your key dates are:

Maternity calculator

Staff Handbook template

It’s always a good idea to have a staff handbook. We have created a staff handbook template with all the content you need to get yours started. Download and use our free template here:

Staff Handbook template

Well that’s all for now, if you have an idea that you think will improve Staff Squared, please visit our forum and let us know.

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