Product Update: August ’13

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In between the Pimms, BBQs and other frivolities the beautiful weather in the UK has brought us this summer we’ve not neglected Staff Squared development. In fact, we’ve completely overhauled the goals system to make it more powerful than ever, and that’s just for starters…

Goals v2.0

Goals now offer lots more functionality and make it easier than ever to manage staff performance and make sure everybody is working together to drive your company forward:

Multiple goal contributors

Previously it was only possible to assign a goal to one employee. Our customers told us often they would have small teams progressing a goal, and it would be useful for them to be able to collaborate within the Staff Squared goal.  We heard you, and it’s now possible to assign multiple contributors to a goal all of whom can post updates on the goal wall and mark tasks as completed as they move forward. As part of this addition we’ve refreshed the goals page and contributors are listed on the right hand side.

multiple contributors

Public / private goals

Up until now all goals have been private, which our customers told us wasn’t very “Social” for a Social HR™ app, and we agree!  So goals can now be set to public, and public goals can be viewed by everybody in your company. Any employee who has an interest in the status of a public goal, but perhaps aren’t in a position to contribute, can follow the goal so they too receive regular updates on progress. As part of the roll out of this feature any existing goals have been kept private, but you can edit a goal and set it to public if you wish.

A more meaningful goal overview page

All goal pages have been given a lick of paint, and this is especially apparent on the goal overview page. We’ve spent a long time revamping this page to make it more meaningful…

staff goals

Wall comments

It’s now possible to add in-line comments on both the goal or personal profile walls. You can use in-line comments to have discussions with your colleagues about a particular update on a goal.

sub comments

User cards

We’re slowly rolling out user cards throughout Staff Squared starting with the goals.  So now when you hover over profile pictures on the goal pages you’ll see a handy little pop out with short cuts to frequently used features. You can use these short cuts to give thanks, access their profiles, and send them an e-mail

Staff Squared user cards

Invite attendees to company events in your calendar

We’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the Staff Squared calendar, and one area in particular that we wanted to perfect was the company events. So as part of the latest round of enhancements it’s now possible to invite individual attendees to a company event. This is particularly handy for scheduling meetings and letting people know when a company event applies to them.

invite employees to event

Set due dates for company objectives

It’s now possible to set due dates for company objectives. Adding a due date will add the company objective to the company calendar for everybody to see.

General interface tweaks

While Simon (the boss) looks around the app as we add enhancements he’s constantly finding things we can refine and generally make prettier and more useful. So as with all of our other big updates to the app you’ll notice a number of minor improvements around the app.

That’s it for now, but there’s plenty of work still in the pipeline and you can expect another big update in September with a bunch more features. If you have any feedback for us in the meantime as always just drop a line and we’ll get right back to you.

It's only fair to share...Email this to someoneShare on Google+Share on FacebookTweet about this on Twitter
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