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This is Simon;
he’s good at business.


This is Dean;
he’s good at programming.

Back in 2007 Dean and Simon combined their talents and started their very own software development company called Atlas.

Sad Simon

Although Atlas is now a successful business, working on highly complex systems used by banks, the journey to get there wasn’t without its challenges…

As Atlas grew, Simon found it more and more difficult to manage his staff. He struggled to keep up with all the HR admin as it was too time consuming. Due to this, Simon started forgetting appraisals which sadly led to one of his team members quitting.

This came as a shock to Simon, he had no idea his staff were unhappy.

So he decided something must be done to ensure that this didn’t happen again. He wanted to create a system that would take the hassle out of his HR so he could stay on top of things and promptly deal with any problems that may arise within his team.

Luckily, he happened to have a bunch of super-clever and devastatingly attractive software developers to hand. So the Atlas team set about bringing Simon’s vision to life and Staff Squared was born.

Simon with laptop
Simon with lightbulb

The Atlas team often create systems to fix their own specific problems.

Staff Squared started out as one of these systems. But after a few months of using it and seeing the dramatic results, Simon realised that poor HR management was not a problem specific to Atlas, Staff Squared had the potential to help many other companies too! So in January 2012, Staff Squared was released to the public.

To this day, Staff Squared is used and loved by the whole Atlas team.

A few members of Atlas are now solely dedicated to improving and maintaining Staff Squared. So Staff Squared continues to grow and hopes to make HR simple for many small businesses, for many years to come.

Simon with happy staff

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